Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) L1 and L2 Interview Questions by IBM

Latest Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) interview questions by IBM. We have tried to collect questions from different candidates , these are L1 and L2 level questions asked by IBM India TSM project managers. Questions covers basic TSM architecture, daily activities, backup procedures, tape library and storage management, tivoli data protection etc.

1.Comapany setup and Daily Activities 

2.Difference between Node replication and Backup STG ? 

3.Explain DRM? 

4.Explain copy group parameters? 

5.Command to delete last 4 days db backup? 

6.what is the use of audit library command? 

7.Difference between 5.5 & 6.x? 

8.What is collocation? advantages & disadvantages? 

9.My clientbackup is slow what will you do the next step? 

10.What are the client tuning parameters? 

11.Deduplication, how it wroks? 

12.Retextra=Nolimt Retonly=Nolimt, How does backup is managed

13.Data flow in 6.x logs? 

14.Migration Important parameters 

15.Upgradation steps for 5.5 to 6.x? 

16.How to backup two files of a client to two different storage pool? 

17.how to check the TSM services in AIX? 

18.How to start the tsm server in AIX? 

19.Difference between passwordaccess generate and prompt? 

20.Backup failed reasons? 

21.How to configure virtual volumes ?

22.Difference between Journal based backup and Adaptive subfile backup? 

23.Do you have any idea about ITIL process and change management? 

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1) what is the difference between check in and label commands? 

2) Difference between yes and bulk? 

3) difference between incremental and differential? 

4) policy management overview and copy group parameters? 

5) how to check devices in aix? 

6) have you faced any backup issues? 

7) differences of smc and rmt? 

8) in your environment tsm server is crashed or not? if it is then what is the reason? 

9) do you know tdp's? 

10) archive copy group default retention? 

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1.Daily acyivities ?

2.what will you do when recovery log reaches 90% ? 

3.what will you do when recovery log reaches 100%(there is no space for extention,13gb is utilisied) 

4.if you want to run the schedule only sunday on every week,how will you do? 

5.explain about polacy management? 

6.what is the default value of SERialization? whatt is the use 

7.what is the use of cloptset? 

8.difference b/w labeling and checkin? 

9.diff b/w incremental backup and differential backup? 

10.what is command in AIX to view the list of drives? 

11.what is the backupset? 

12.what is collacation and types? 

13.what is reclamation? 

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(1)Explain about your Environment? 

(2)Library model and details? 

(3)DRM process? 

(4)Lanfree configuration ?

(5)TDP SQl configuration ?

(6)Up-gradation 5.5 to 6.3 ? 

(7)Difference between 5.x and 6.x? 

(8)Data flow in logs? 

(9)Management binding? 

(10)Serialization types? 

(11)Backup failures in tapes? 

(12)deference between Search=yes and bulk? 

(13)what is DB retention period? 

(14)What is Reuse delay? 

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1.difference between move data & move node data? 

2.Command to set drm plan file? 

3.Explain copy group parameters? 

4.Command to delete last two days db backup? 

5.what is the use of audit library command? 

6.Difference between 5.5 & 6.x? 

7.What is collocation? advantages & disadvantages? 

8.Client backup is failing due to password expiration what's immediate step you will do? 

9.My tape volume showing pending state, what's the reason? 

10.Duduplication options in 6.1, 6.2, 6.3? 

11.Difference between backup stg & Node replication? 

12.Restoration is failure reasons? 

13.Normal & Rollforward mode? 

14.Upgradaton steps for 5.5 to 6.x? 

15.How to backup two files of a client to two different storage pool? 

16.What is Himig & lomig? 

17.tdpsql important files?

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