Troubleshooting TSM Fastback server connection issues and errors with Fastback Client

In this post I will discuss some of the common errors and return codes that we see while working on TSM Fastback Server. The best solution to avoid these annoying errors is to read the manual and meet all the requirements before you start playing with it.

FastBack Client may not connect to the server when specifying IP address in Client Configurator
FastBack Client doesn't connect to FastBack Server even though the correct IP address of the server is specified in FastBack Client Configurator. This problem happens in case that hostname of the server cannot be resolved by specified IP address. FBSA6037E message box brings up from FastBack Client Configurator in case hostname cannot be resolved by the specified IP address. The following errors can be found in FastBack Client technician logs after FastBack Service restarts.:
E18.ORA_Agent : OAI_S_Init: Failed to resolve host name nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
E18.ORA_Agent : OAI_S_Init: Will wait 1 hour before exit and restart

Add hostname and IP address into hosts file of the client machine, or specifies DNS server in the property panel of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to resolve hostname by IP address.

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FBSG5804E Please verify IP/Computer name because of connection failure at
The FastBack Manager cannot connect to the FastBack server. The following error comes up in a dialogue box upon FastBack Manager start and looks like this:

Fastback Manager

The default location for the FastBack server technician logs is here:
Windows 2003: %documents and settings%\all users\application data\tivoli\tsm\fastback\ 
Windows 2008: %programdata%\tivoli\tsm\fastback\

Review the latest technican log (FAST_BACK_SERVER040.sf) and search on the failure message. Specifying the Fastback server hostname or IP address would solve the problem in most cases.  If not clicking connect option multiple times until the dialogue box disappears will work as well. However, this error message will not stop any of your fastback server processes. 

What is FastBack Checkpoint Snapshots ?
In the FastBack Manager there is an option to run a Checkpoint snapshot against the policy which most of us never use it. A Checkpoint Snapshot can be performed by right clicking on a policy and selecting Run Check Point. 

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A Checkpoint will compare the data on the client against the data on the server and backup all changes that have occurred since the last known successful Full, Incremental Delta Block, or Checkpoint snapshot. When performing a Checkpoint backup, blocks that were captured with a regular Incremental Snapshot will be recaptured. Although this will again backup the blocks, it will not fix any corruption that may have occurred within the snapshot data.

FBSS7068E the volumes length exceeds the maximum support volume length
Some of the related return codes of this error are FBSS7068E, FBSS7068E, and FBSS7027E. All Snapshot backups will get aborted with these return codes when attempting a snapshot. The possible main reason would be if snapshot size exceeds 2TB.

To know why the backup has been aborted right click on the aborted snapshot and select Events. Window may show the following errors:
FBSS7068E The volume's length exceeds the maximum support volume length
FBSS7027E System error. Fault [8179:0x00000100]. Process ended.
FBSS7037E Procedure aborted

There is no exact solution for this error if you have configured your Fastback server without meeting all the Fastback Server requirements. There is a FastBack limitation whereby the snapshot size cannot exceed 2TB or the snapshot will abort. This size limitation is noted in the FastBack manual. Thats why it is always important to read the manual before you use it.

Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack does not support backing up of volumes larger than 2 TB. Ensure to check that the volume you are backing up is less than 2 TB.

If you are stuck in this kind of situation, the only solution is Uninstall Fastback Server and change your disk size (must be less than 2TB). Reinstall Fastback server with all the requirements met and try the snapshot backup again. 

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