How to upgrade Tivoli Storage Manager Server from TSM 5.5 to TSM 6.3.4 - Video Tutorial

Moving from Tivoli Storage Manager V5 to V6.3 or later requires more preparation and planning than previous upgrades. Because of the database program that the server is using, an existing database must be moved into the new database structure by using the provided upgrade tools. 

Except for the database extraction and insertion steps, the server upgrade process is similar to the disaster recovery process. Critical server files, such as the option and device configuration files, must be available, and storage pool devices must be made available to the upgraded server.

TSM Server Upgrade

The major steps in the upgrade process from V5 to V6.3 or later are as follows:

  1. Plan system hardware and software, and estimate the upgrade time.
    Use information about the Tivoli Storage Manager upgrade process together with operational requirements for your existing servers to decide how and when to perform the upgrade.
    Tip: If you are introducing new hardware or changes in the storage system infrastructure, plan the zoning for the storage area network (SAN). Allow time to create device statements and paths, and to check in tape volumes following the upgrade. For IBM® tape devices, no multipathing driver is available for tape drives that are distributed over more than one adapter. Use zoning and device definitions to balance the workload.
  2. Back up the Tivoli Storage Manager server database and configuration files. Ensure that at least one full database backup is available onsite.
    Tip: If you must restore the database after a failed upgrade, having an onsite backup database saves time.
  3. Optional: Verify your system environment by running the prerequisite checker. Make any changes that are required before proceeding with the installation.
  4. Install the server code. Installation tasks include the following:
    • Installing the new server code, which includes the server and its database manager program. Configure a user ID for the new server instance.
    • Installing the upgrade utilities package on the system where the existing V5 server is located.
  5. Upgrade the database. This task includes preparing the database, and then moving the database. Use the upgrade utilities or the upgrade wizard to complete these tasks.
    The upgrade utilities or upgrade wizard extracts data from an existing database and inserts the data into a new V6.3 or later database. Media or the network can be used for the data movement.
    As a database is moved into the new database structure, the validity of the data is checked against constraints that are enforced in the new database. The upgrade tools automatically correct some errors in the database. Other errors might require manual correction.
    If you use the wizard, you are guided to complete the upgrade steps in the correct order. If you are performing the upgrade manually by using utilities from a command line, follow the procedure carefully.
  6. Verify the upgrade by running basic operations and querying information about the system to confirm that all information transferred correctly.


This includes the Backup-Archive, API, UNIX HSM, and Web clients that are compatible with, and currently supported with, Tivoli Storage Manager Servers and Storage Agents.

                           Tivoli Storage Manager 
                               Client Version
     Compatible Tivoli Storage Manager 
     Server and Storage Agent Versions
               6.3.x, 6.2, and 6.1
               6.3.x, 6.2, and 6.1
               6.3.x, 6.2, 6.1, and 5.5
               6.3.x, 6.2, 6.1, and 5.5
               6.2, 6.1, 6.3.x and 5.5 

In this below video, upgrading a TSM 5.5 server to version 6.3.4 is demonstrated. Although there are numerous benefits to TSM V6, this upgrade is done primarily to allow use of the Operations Center. The Operations Center is the new Graphical User Interface that can be used to monitor daily operations and server configuration on multiple TSM servers. Servers must have Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.3.4 or later to use the Operations Center.

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Taking the first steps after upgrade

Verify that the server was upgraded successfully and can operate normally. The verification steps include starting the server, registering licenses, and backing up the database. Also, configure available server options.

Complete all the tasks that are described in the IBM Infocenter
After you upgrade the server to V6.3.3 or later, you can authenticate passwords with the LDAP directory server, or authenticate passwords with the IBM® Tivoli Storage Manager server. Passwords that are authenticated with the LDAP directory server can provide enhanced system security.

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