IBM TSM Inerview Question and Answers

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1. what are the different types of storagepools?

Ans: 1.primary stgpool---random stgpool
                      ---sequential stgpool
     2.copy stgpool stgpool

2. How to increase cache hit ratio?

ans: by increasing the bufpoolsize

3. What is randomization?

ans: -------

4. difference b/w v5 and v6.2?

ans: in ver6.2 we have deduplication option.

5. what are the tools required to setup a lanfree configuration?

ans: Ba-client,storage agent,san boxes

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6. name the 4 devt in devc?

Ans: file,disk.dlt.lto....etc to find last db backup file?

Ans: q volhist ty=dbb

8. what ar the db backup types?

Ans: full,incremental,snapshot.

9. Reasons for schedule to fail?

ans: May be drives not free, no space in stgpool

10. important files in tdpsql?

Ans: tdpsql.cfg & dsm.opt

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11. What are the vesion values in your previous environment?

Ans: verexits=30
12. Def audit library command?
Ans: Audit library libname

13. DRM steps?

Ans: 1.mountable to non-mountable
     2. non-mountable to courier
     3. courier to vault
     4. vault to vault-retrive
     5. vault-retrive to courier-retrive
     6. courier-retrive to onsite retrive
     7. check in as private

14. Health monitoring cmds?

Ans: q db f=d
     q log f=d
     q event * * t=c
     q stg f=d
     q event * t=a

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