Reusing TSM server Database backup and export tape volumes

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager allows us to reuse tape volumes which are used for other server processes. However, there are some limitations if the tape volumes are used for important processes like TSM DB backup & Export.  You cannot reuse volumes that were used for database backups and export operations until you delete the volume information from the volume history file.

When you backup the database or export server information to a tape, Tivoli Storage Manager records information about the volumes used for these operations in the volume history file. Tivoli Storage Manager will not allow you to reuse these volumes until you delete the volume information from the volume history file. To reuse volumes that were previously used for database backup or export, use the DELETE VOLHISTORY command.

But if the server uses the disaster recovery manager function, the volume information is automatically deleted during MOVE DRMEDIA command processing, otherwise you need to manually run or schedule DELETE VOLHISTORY command.

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For users of DRM, the database backup expiration should be controlled with the SET DRMDBBACKUPEXPIREDAYS command instead of this DELETE VOLHISTORY command. Using the DELETE VOLHISTORY command removes Tivoli Storage Manager's record of the volume. This can cause volumes to be lost that were managed by the MOVE DRMEDIA command. The recommended way to manage the automatic expiration of DRM database backup volumes is by using the SET DRMDBBACKUPEXPIREDAYS command.
Some important points to remember while using this command.
  • Volumes for the most recent database backup series are not deleted.
  • Existing volume history files are not automatically updated with this command.
  • You can use the DEFINE SCHEDULE command to periodically delete volume history records.

DELETE VOLhistory Syntax

>>-DELete VOLHistory--TODate--=--date--------------------------->


            |           '-DEVclass--=--class_name-'     |   
            |             '-DEVclass--=--class_name-'   |   
            |         .-DELETELatest--=--No------.      |   
            |         '-DELETELatest--=--+-No--+-'      |   
            |                            '-Yes-'        |   
            |              .-DELETELatest--=--No------. |   
            |              '-DELETELatest--=--+-No--+-' |   
            |                                 '-Yes-'   |   

Ex:   To delete TSM DB backup volumes which are created 1 week ago

           delete volhistory todate=today-7 type=DBBackup

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